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Spirituality in another way! - Spirituality 2.0

Spirituality in another way! - Spirituality 2.0
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Our material entity´s rule of the game: "Anything goes, that brings forth sentiments." There is no fairness or true justice here.

When reflecting your life -or more precisely- obvious situations in hindsight, you will make a phenomenal discovery: There is no development whatsoever in human existence when regarded from the spiritual level´s viewpoint or task.

How many times did you ask yourself, just what is going wrong in your life…did you reflect on yourself time and again, looking for mistakes?

It´s very confusing indeed, … on the one hand you are able to achieve unlimited conjunctions while on the other hand you find yourself being stuck in narrow-mindedness. These emotional roller coasters of clarity and confusion, certainly have demanded from you many a sleepless night along with lots of tears of desperation.

In countless conversations with friends and family you were frequently given clues…one could believe to be predestined to interlink them in the wrong way. When reflecting your life - or more precisely - obvious situations in hindsight, you will make a phenomenal discovery: There is no development whatsoever in human existence when regarded from the spiritual level´s viewpoint or task.

Today, after taking a look at the path I have been travelling on and the distance I have covered, I arrived at the following point of view: Man as such is not able to develop himself at all!

This statement might sound slightly curious, considering that for more than 20 years I´m pursuing a profession, that is based on development.

It is these mental conclusions that allow you to drop off ballast galore, even those afflicting you for decades.

As a matter of fact, these arrangements are accurately interlocking in a zippered system. When looking for reasons of any kind…an offender or an actuator to blame, will always be found. Arrangements do not have any reason at all. They are but decisions, finalized by ourselves, yet our remembrance is shielded from view in dualistic existence.

The subtle difference between cause and arrangement …

A cause could be pursued systematically, although its causative correlations will mostly elude your consciousness. They are tied down to mere facts and then confidently optimized in our tunnel view. Arrangements are elicited in a non-dualistic-range and made consciously, because the desired goal has already been specified. Experiencing this in non-dualistic range is a sentiment´s essence … which can be generated quite variously due to freedom of choice.

The common mistake associated with concatenation in duality is, that you fancy…you are obliged to become someone or something, that you need to invent yourself etc.
But … they don´t have anything to do with each other in either way.

Perfect intelligence, I am talking about that particular kind of intelligence … whose utilization is far from many peoples´ minds.
The gift of creativeness in its perfect, unmitigated state is cased inside the fragile human body. Aged ways of thinking about spirituality…those energies of old, framed the best possible. However, when taking a closer look at all the quotations, sayings and prudent words, rarely did they lend a hand to any human being, when the ice sheet he was walking on, suddenly began to clank.

Society´s mode of thinking is based on duality …

There are those having a try at reaching the non-dualistic sphere by taking a dualistic run-up. And others attempting to establish the non-dualistic sphere within duality …

That is but a waste of time, an enormous energy input, pseudo-pleasure and ultimately merely platitudes far off from true understanding.

Because it turned into a movement, there were many to jump on this wave…unfortunately surf-riding per se wasn´t actually working. It´s the ups and downs and they say: "That´s all part of it …"
Yes and no …

This new awareness is demanding something entirely different of us human beings …

We are unable to alter duality and that would be unnecessary altogether. A human being´s inner awakening is a different thing. Many keep trying desperately and some even contentedly to live a spiritual life. And all too often and unnoticed, blueprints are creeping in or are integrated even deliberately - "in the belief that … this is the proper thing." A host of significant and fine books has already been authored … but many of us have problems with their implementation, since our daily routine, with its bustling activity, is usually looking different.

In my practice, the most commonly spoken phrase is: "It´s not easy …" or "I know" … " … but how can I do this!?" …

If man ceases being dubious about his already existing completeness, making comparisons along with devaluating, the loop of ever sensed exile and shrouding can be pierced through.

You certainly have to refine yourself consciously … not the matter! But rather its packaging!

As I already mentioned earlier: Retrospectively and with careful attention you can come upon a guiding thread … that cannot truly be identified at the first moment: How arrangements were put together. Why whichever situation happened to you.
In these instants, it can either be a hair-raiser … or a gripping thriller in our lives.

The delusion of dualistic development …

You will think dualistically! You will optimize imprintings along with your schemes, nevertheless you will not be able to sense its actual essence for real. This cycle will not be willing to come to an end …

You need to acquire a high degree of awareness, enabling you to concatenate in a relatively neutral way. You cannot wrap creativity into "doing", but you can rather allow it to come to pass.

This is the key to thinking in a non-dualistic way. Doors will open inwardly. There is a number of fine training methods for this purpose.
Just do not wrap the obtained into a dualistic frame. This would be the end of the beginning! You are not able to refine, what you already are. You can however bring out a plethora of sentiments, whose implementation is both learn- and desirable.

By no means is this to be regarded as an invitation to sit back and do nothing … waiting for better times. Each individual person is bearing the power of creation´s original energy within himself.

You need to understand the game …

Before you start playing a game, you should both be acquainted with its rules and understand them.Frequently, participation is carelessly generated without even giving the slightest thought to it. Plenty of people want to alter or even ignore the game´s rules. This is, where the tragedy within the drama of selflessness is setting in!

Our material entity´s rule of the game: … "Anything goes, that brings forth sentiments." There is no fairness or true justice here. Allegedly striving after being a good person is off-topic, for we would be nothing but the production of a mechanical system´s replication. Following an incarnation, we cannot harm any spirit, if it it would not have given its permission for this particular situation.

These arrangements are active on a global scale, without us knowing the appertaining people. Each and every drama or deeply touching story is an arrangement. Because our incarnation´s meaning is…to produce any kind of sentiment that serves a greater good.

When attempting to change a running game´s rule, its sense and meaningfulness will be strained unnecessarily and much else will run out of the rudder.

This doesn´t mean that man per se wouldn´t have to learn anything. As a matter of fact, he has to learn a great deal, yet nothing concerning his creativity level´s completeness!

You may certainly have experienced, both joy-and painfully, that sentiments are constructs and buildings of their own kind. They effectively haven´t got anything to do with neither a situation, nor a person. If a specific situation is taking place, it will be up to your system of values, which sentiments are going to emerge.
Social development is inviting you both directly and indirectly to optimize your social competency in terms of collective guidelines of concealment. You will exchange sloth for sightlessness, stalemate for unbounded activism…and much else. During your time of development, many an instigation will lead you into oblivion´s labyrinth.

Learning in the flow of conception´s level is constructive, pioneering, promoting, ludic, free from competition, reliant … In that case we are not conditioned to be functioning. When looking at the profound thinkers of the bygone 7.000 years, you will notice, that serendipities have not been brought into being out of development systems.Contriviances have never been adduced in schools …

The only thing, we are actually learning is, how to handle our sentiments. How can we achieve stability in these extremely sensitive situations? What we are definitely not supposed to do, is to avoid and decline everything in that case.
Knowledge per se is your faith´s pair of wings! The knowledge of being …

When carrying a profound knowledge inside yourself, there will be hardly anything to shok you in everyday life. Because in that case you will be aware, that all of our existence under the sun is nothing but a game.

Example; If you know exactly, where you reside, it will not stampede you, in case you get lost. If you know exactly that you are loved, a disappointment will not matter to you whatsoever … and much else! The same is true for your spiritual family. If you rediscover and maintain the connection to your origin, you shall recognize that life is one huge solicitation and that everybody, taking an active part in it with their tasks, will be finishing their jobs individually.

Do not convert something, that is essentially a movie into a real-time study!


Author: Samara Berthold

Munich, February 2016

This article may be published without paying a fee under specification of the author.

Ajala - Project Earth
Comeniusstraße 12
D-81667 München

Spirituality in another way! - Spirituality 2.0
(download as PDF)

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