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Depression versus activity

At the moment this is the most widespread tragedy haunting the human spirit.

Any depression´s fatal point is the denial of its existence just as it is knocking on your door.

Personally, I perceive it as messenger of pending tasks and as an anthology of present situations by the same token.

And just focussing on a certain situation´s detail is going to bring darkness into your thoughts.

I keep asking myself: How many people are walking on their own path in conjunction with their selfs?

What I mean is: Are you going around with yourself? Do you respect your Self unmasked? Are you interested in your Self without drawing comparisons?

Every human being has his or her own path he or she is following correctly in their opinion. Which criteria do you follow concerning new *contacts*? What is relevant for you? What are you mindful of?

Your answers are not really of any relevance… what is far more significant in your answers… is this the way you think about yourself, too? Do you possess the same kind of attentiveness for yourself?

Quite often I have observed that the symptomatology concerning oneself goes from darkening via avolition and right up to downright „emotional deadness“.

Many are replying with a leaden feeling feeling of severity that they regard it as highly problematic… to perceive themselves as loveable.

In my opinion it is your own emotional neglection that will ultimately lead to a depressive exhaustion within your thinking.

The urge for activity is no steal for anyone!

Visualize your wardrobe please or place yourself right in front of it. Open yourself to the upcoming questions:

1) Which of your garments has ever awakened your inspiration?
2) With that I mean: Have you ever dealt with its fabric, pattern or color?
3) Have you bought it because it is fashionable at the moment?
4) In case you dislike garments you received as a gift, can you say „No“ without drowning in feelings of guilt?
5) Have your found your style?
6) Do you think that your color selection is based on tastefulness or that your subconsciousness is signalizing its willingness to learn for this day by color?

If one of these questions gave you an impulse to think about things, you will be able to understand why I associate depression and activity with garments.

If depression was a black pullover in your possession, just ask yourself the above qustions. These questions can draw a deciphering balance.

With insisting tranquility all darkness is to give way to dawn. The certitude of always being able to modify your chosen obsession´s garments, will strip your depression of both its relevance and momentousness.

One question will certainly arise:“ How can I mentally change my depression´s clothes?“ By losing fear from profoundity and farsightedness!

As long as your thinking remains superficial, you will only receive partial information. Because furthering concatenations are largely rooted within your mind´s subjacent regions.

Superficial motion will cause discord between ideas and emotions, the resulting consequence will be interpretation.


This partnership is obliged to ominousity right from the beginning! Ideas born in this way will be traversed by congenital abnormalities. Only to name a few: „misjudgements“, „dependencies“, „worthlessness“ and many more.

The period of how long or how often people work on themselves superficially is irrelevant, for life´s examination board will take note of it „free of charge“.

Cosmic currency is refunded in „insight“, „understanding“, „easiness“ and „joy“.

Please understand that it is up to your thinking which total you will be rewarded for by life.

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