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bodyweight vs perception

A subject that is eagerly ignored or blandished without signs of fatigue or wear-and tear. There is an agreement with our bodyweight and ourselves. Like mutual connectedness, variety or who is dominating whom (either the kilograms are dominating you or vice versa). A promise that is resembling a rollercoaster´s emotional scale and that will last but not least wrench promises from ourselves that we will never keep. Okay, let´s agree on rarely keep.

I am addressing my thoughts to the people that are content … and to those being uncontent. To those who do not care, and to those who do not have time to deal with it!

What does consideration and restriction mean for you?

Contemplating some thoughts in retrospective every 15 minutes will give an empathic perspective for moving on. The extent of the restrictions is gladly pictured in a trivialized way: It is judgements, valuations, euphemisms, idealizations etc., etc … among others.

Does today´s nutrition really have something in common with "functional sustainment"? Nowadays there are more diets than a year has days. However, all diets do have something in common … they are always a matter of interpretation.

Imagine a thought carrying different bags. Happy thoughts mostly carry hand-luggage or none at all. Uncontent thoughts claim a right for bulky luggage. Sad thoughts carry 2 to 3 suitcases … just give your thoughts their appropriate luggage-model.

It is but a self-deception to believe, that you are mindless during ingestion. Between the time period of mental activity and inner menu cards - food choice included - your weight scale is already registering motion. And this is even before calories, sugar, wheat, carbohydrates and proteins have reached you.

Because solely by the thoughts of "I may not", "I should not", "I cannot", " I do not want to", our bags are already heavily loaded, before it even comes to eating.

Since the laws of nature are not hanging around without a job, the law of creation, the law of interaction, the law of attraction of the same kind, the law of severity, the law of balance and last not least the law of motion are going to greet you.

Hidden convictions, can be uncovered in a much more interesting way while you are having a meal and forego the fireworks of your culinary delights. Choose a nude and pure energy supply for your body…

If you make your decision for meat … make it without any diet-apostles, please. If you decide for a vegetarian or vegan or whatever nutrition, do it without any attachment, please.

By now, merely the product itself is in demand … and without any assessment whether it may be beneficial, exemplary or ascetic.

The interesting point about nutrition is its meticulous representation of your current emotional state, which you deliberately ignore, decline, tolerate, grant asylum to, try holding on to, permanently repair and condemn… no matter which designation you find worthier, it will be welcome.

I am not talking about reward or compensation, these are the consequences…

Let´s take the following thought: "Oh my, I´m growing fat", "I mustn´t get fat" etc., etc.

Now actually take a seat within your mental theater…You have got a great front-row seat! Look at yourself in the many variations of your obeseness…there is but one rule: you may neither evaluate nor judge.! Then you will do the same with slenderness - once more without any evaluation! And I hope you will decide for neither of them!

You need to understand the existence of a 24 hour theatrical performance within your mind. Thus only the following can be seen or felt (or both at best): it is only an image of what you are detesting or idealizing - it is not real-time! It is a difference whether you have an apple´s image or actually an apple in front of your face.

Evaluations are employees - fat depots are employers! I am surmising that my explanatory model will not be understood as scientific restructuring.

It is always a matter of perspectives!

Let´s stick with the employee. As soon as you are losing the interest to ensnare yourself in evaluations… you will be of no use for your employer (i.e. the fat cell)!

Interactions always imply questions and answers. As soon as opinions are diverging, exceedingly few maintain a culture of language, but rather a culture of dispute.

Before attracting a severe weather in the first place, simply let the clouds pass. This would mean that without evaluation there is no support for resistance! Since a fat cell especially likes to subsist on: aggression, grief, drama, comparisons, discontent, pressure, stress, lies, indifference, withdrawal, tedium … etc. etc.

The larger your inner team´s disorientation…the bigger your already fought skirmishes and those yet to come will be! The more stylish your handling, the more benevolent the cooperation will be. In case your inner team has not yet been introduced to you… I may introduce it here: dogmas, convictions, genes, hormones and lifestyle.

Nutrition per se without the inner team´s consideration is very instable! Such an expense of energy and time in order to build something up or break it down, will lose its lucrativeness.

Learn to eat just in order to keep your body functional and healthy! Internalize that there are no inherent djinns in any food, waiting to fulfill your desires!

Artificial dopamine is always ominous! Learn to grow and harvest your dopamine on your own!

As soon as your interventions are released from wrong intentions and well-meant ideas, your cellular system´s vast intelligence will be able to act. In this manner your body has neither to deform itself, nor become sick!

Letting go the conviction that "nutrition needs entertaining with all kinds of bells and whistles"…is very helpful! Then you will become completely aware of your individual body language. Dishes that preserve the system do not require manipulation or false pretences.

Food devoid of emotions … and this does not mean tasteless food is easily digestible, readily accepted and a door-opener for mental agility. Satisfaction is only met within the system of your order of thoughts. A profound alteration can only take place, if you have the willingness to allow it from within and without!

The next workshop (in German language, lasting 2 days) concerning the subject health (bodyweight vs. perception) will take place on January 13th/14th 2018

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