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Imaginations vs. manifestation

When taking a look at classic physics, Isaac Newton is the father and founder of both rationalism and the law of cause and effect. This has not changed for about 300 years.

The discipline of quantum physics is verifiably recognized since the early 1920s. Day by day this teaches us that Newton´s Laws will not gain access to the quantum field.

… which is comprehensible, as - to put it simple - our planet consists of 0,0001% matter and of 99,9999% energy. This is not news!!!
What I am interested in: When have you realized this? I am referring to realizing this in a way that you apply it in your daily routine?!

The 3 capital laws of spiritual alchemy … to manifest imaginations!

  1. The law of energy … it follows attentivenes in the long run
  2. The law of attraction … it requires proper cooperation partners without matter
  3. The law of manifestation … it requires undisturbed information

There is just one significant problem of coordination!

Isaac Newton!

Each and every physical and natural law possesses its right to exist. Their application is the interesting point …

Considering the fact that science, medicine and psychology are based on Newton´s assembling shop of thinking and conjunction (cause and effect), it becomes all the more coherent, why spiritual alchemy, the manifestation of fullness and richness, is but a fair of vaious viruses and why its points of view appear to be unrealistic humbug!

The quantum field does not consist of cause and effect! The quantum field possesses infinite probabilities within its portfolio of multi-coloured possibilities.

The 3 capital laws are also well-known, but their way of interpretation is the school of Isaac Newton!

  1. Law of energy = if you perform the following, you will get that effect
  2. Law of attraction = if you deserve it, it will come to you
  3. Law of manifestation = if it does not turn up, you have done something wrong… you have not worked on it hard enough, if you prove yourself not to be too dumb for it any longer, it will work!

Does something catch your eye? I do not dislike Newton, on the contrary, he is absolutely essential! But you cannot apply his tools within the quantum field! What is the point of an innovative idea from the quantum field when you attempt to apply it via Newton´s Laws?

Let us conclude:
I think out of Newton´s manual, I find the spiritual quantum field interesting and I want to get a certain idea. Although imagination cannot be realized in this sequence, I am full of hope, I am ardently praying that the law of attraction is not going to forget me!

So, if your imaginations have not manifested themselves by now, the reason for it is not your rating of your humanity. The reason for it is that you have formatted the different manualsof the respective laws and their conversion into one single manual, namely Isaac Newton´s.

As a side note for all the advanced spiritists, in case they are inclined to believe: It is only due to the fact that it is not scheduled for their incarnation: I may give an all-clear-signal … it makes little sense when your neighbour is talking about the quantum field…that he has made an experience with imagination and manifestation and, let´s say he has that deep desire for a car … and see what happened … his imagination´s attraction has manifested itself. In a way that makes you believe:"… hey. .. how crazy is that, I´m going to do this, too!"

The quantum field will not open up for someone else´s ideas or a copy of Mr. Mayer´s :"… I would love to have that, too!"

Everybody has imaginations that are even available for him or her! As I mentioned before, the focus is set again on internal matters and not on external ones! If you are not ready to work or come into contact with your ideas, you should save time as well as effort. The cosmos will not do any "dealing" whatsoever!

In accordance with Newton, society gets the idea of creating matter both in order to invigorate it with good energy and to keep it up. This is also a point of view - however a useless one within the quantum field.

You certainly know the "gag-reflex causing phrase": … If you really want to have something, just imagine that it is already yours!"

According to Newton you were to say: Yeah, you wisecracker, if I had the money, I wouldn´t have to envision it!

The next target group will say: "Ohhh, ahhh, I see, didn´t know that … sure, I will do it right now!" What this particular group does not consider is their actual way of thinking!!! "Ordering a parking place" they can barely accomplish, but when things are getting personal…this is going to change to a different league!

In order to calm down your strained nerves, you will politely express: "Spirituality … it´s just not my cup of tea after all.", or you will say: "It wasn´t meant to be."

To all persuasions,atheists and even those I have not mentioned - we are all spirits! What distinguishes us from each other is solely the task and its sphere of influence. We are connected with everything after all! Accepting or rejecting it - is your free choice. But the law of effect is devoid of profile neuroses and is working with or without your approval. "With" is merely easier for you!

The open sesame to an imagination are not its associated images, but that you envision it, a chemical reaction that is unleashed inside your body and that you experience this yourself. Talking about an idea and actually feeling it non-judgemental is an elementary difference.

In theory formulas may be similar to one another, but can also be totally different in what you physically experience and apply!

Cause and effect are not applicable within the emotional world. This also includes perception and intuition.

Within an emotion there is no cause but only probabilities of many a possibility.

The distinction when Newton´s laws are reasonably adaptable and when those of quantum physics have to be applied, requires a great deal of mindfulness, value freedom and freedom of judgement in your daily procedures of work to be performed. Do not start with it when everything is going haywire! This distinction demands longer-term exercises.

Let´s take money as manifestation!

Then, in this imagination, we should agree on the fact that money is 0,0001% matter. Since ideas are 99,9999% energy, it makes little sense to imagine a Ferrari.

It is much more interesting, if you had a Ferrari … what kind of emotion can you sense … I repeat … what are you able to sense?!

This emotion is the information to the quantum field - with it you are going to buy a ticket! Constantly repeating these emotions without any interfering fields will bring the force of attraction into effect and this means: you are redeeming your ticket!

Only in non-adherence and without any hyping, manifestation can be put into shape. A slot will become available in order to shape this probability into a possibility at the right moment. Free from individual peronalities` disturbing and doubtful thoughts. Of course you have to realize and perceive this possibility.

Some describe … how they became a star from one day to the next …

No, my dear loved ones, it is hard work! Considering how many challenges we are facing each and every day. And a specific species is undeterred by…the less knowledge they possess , the more powerful and strident they give their opinion on all kinds of affairs! I perceive every challenge as valuable, the more you are getting upset and the more you are plunging into a destructive emotional world , it is the clue that your brain´s activities are moving on beaten paths. That you are hardening more and more in your thinking. If you want a change, then train with your brain, so that a plasticity can develop.

As soon as a wish has manifested, it finally is Mr. Isaac Newton´s time to get into the game!

Because from now on the law of "cause and effect" is valid. In order to receive something, you must impartially understand this legality in its very detail.

As soon as you recognize this exquisite sparkle and by not separating the common bond of dual and non-dual effects, nothing will stand in a manifestation´s path of what you have chosen in this life.

© Ajala - Samara Berthold

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